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Safexpress Global Solutions Limited offers the best option when fast, secure delivery is essential. This may be a good option if you need to deliver items that are perishable, fragile or otherwise time-sensitive, or as well as if you have an urgent deadline to meet.

This is also an ideal option if you need to make a quick bulk international shipment or want to ship any item within Africa and overseas. We deliver heavier, declarable items from your door to the airport terminal.

"Cross Border Freight Forwarding" Combined cargo volume with air and sea lines enables SWSL to leverage their negotiating power to secure the most competitive rates.

"Freight Forwarding of Time Critical Cargo" Safexpress Global Solutions Limited specializes in the freight forwarding of medical devices, medical equipment and surgical equipment in to the region.

With accounts at all of the major national and international airlines and ancillary service providers, Safexpress Global Solutions Limited office delivers a world-class freight forwarding service, delivering critical cargo 24/7.

Sea Freight


Sea freight forms the largest segment of all Nigerian imports. For this reason, it is also the mainstay of Safexpress Global Solutions Limited business. Within this segment, the largest division is containerized goods. It handles containers, bulk cargo, crates, oversized cargo and vehicle importation. Through the close relationships that we have developed with all active shipping lines in Nigeria, we are able to confidently guarantee sea freight capacities that can easily adapt to growing trade volumes. This is a key benefit when referring to the management of global supply chains.

Safexpress Global Solutions Limited provides the following flexible sea freight solutions, customized to meet your individual requirements:

  • Full Container Load (FCL)
  • Less-than-Container Load (LCL)
  • Pick up and Delivery (D2D)
  • Roll on – Roll Off (RORO)


Inland Freight: Safexpress Global Solutions Limited provides a well regulated transportation services with a guarantee and affirmation of safe handling of the clients commodities. We aim to deliver all products and goods in impeccable condition, thereby providing absolute satisfaction to our clients. We use the best vehicles for transportation within and outside the shores of Nigeria (West Africa region). Our range of service capabilities include:

  • Full national coverage of all states and west Africa countries
  • Full goods in transit insurance
  • Complete control throughout the shipment process
  • Delivery of reports and information at every stage of the operation
  • Modern comprehensive vehicle fleet
  • 20 & 40 foot container carriage

Port Transport: When a shipment arrives at a Nigerian port, Safexpress Global Solutions Limited can transport it to any domestic location using one of our dependable and well maintained trucks 20ft or 40ft.

Safexpress Global Solutions Limited customers have the option to load double Containers 2 x20ft up to maximum 60MT. Empties containers are dropped back to Container picked port or nearest bonded terminal to avoid demurrage for our customers.

Safexpress Global Solutions Limited also offers cost-lowering consolidation services by combining less than container load shipments (LCL) that are going to the same destination port.

Door to Door Transport: The process of importing goods into Nigeria is packed with full of challenges. To simplify this challenging procedure, we have created the unique “Door-to-Door” delivery services where Safexpress Global Solutions Limited manages the entire importation process cycle to our reputed clients at Nigeria.

Safexpress Global Solutions Limited manages the entire importation process – from the establishment of documents to clearing and delivering it to our customers’ premises. This includes dealing with banks, inspection agents, suppliers, shipping agents, customs, excise and other relevant authorities.

Heavy Duty Transport: If you have complicated or heavy duty equipment to transport, Safexpress Global Solutions Limited will rise to the challenge. Our Heavy Duty transport department has higher level of experience handling ODC cargo but still maintain their youthful and eager attitudes. We thrive under pressure and have handled many high-value, transportation projects on tight deadlines. Whether you need a turnkey services provider who will supervise your project from start to finish or a partner who will manage one challenging segment of your transportation project, Safexpress Global Solutions Limited can help.



  • Import
  • Export

Safexpress Global Solutions Limited provides dedicated Customs Brokerage services for both import & Export shipments. This includes E-clearances performed by trained professionals, valuation, and verification and classification services. Our centre for documentation excellence in Jebel Ali ensures an efficient customs clearance process with a dedicated team of experienced professionals working together to prevent any delays to your schedule.


The Safexpress Global Solutions Limited Shipping Project Division can manage your entire project – from the initial consultations during the budgeting phase right down to the final on-site assembly operation. Having delivered various prestigious projects in challenging areas, the Safexpress Global Solutions Limited Project Division is experienced in every aspect of project freight management. In any circumstances or any nature, scale or location of your project, talk to us about how we can take care of the logistics for you.


  • Aircraft and ship charter
  • Oil, Gas and Energy Transports
  • Dangerous Goods transports
  • Heavy lift and over-dimension transports
  • Race Boat & yacht transportation
  • Supervision of port operations for heavy lifts and over dimensional cargo
  • Heavy lift planning and execution
  • Complete documentation


Although we usually deliver all consignments promptly to our Clients’ warehouses, there are times when, due to space constraints or other reasons, our Clients are unable to accept the goods onto their premises. In these instances we are able to offer a warehousing service that stores the goods on our Clients’ behalf, until the Clients requires us to deliver the goods.

We offer distribution centres with warehousing facilities. In those cases, we will deliver specified goods to our own dedicated distribution warehouses. From here, we distribute the goods as and when the Client requires it to anywhere inside Nigeria or beyond. This solution is especially useful when a certain shipment in transported to several locations – perhaps even at different times


  • Agents for Supply Boats, Rigs Seismic vessels, Tramper service,
  • Offshore Installation vessels
  • Mid-stream discharge approvals
  • Temporary Importation

Fully compliant hand carry solutions from World Origins to Nigeria conversant with Free Zone regulations and procedures. Our focus over years has been to be the best in class in meeting our client express and logistics business requirement for supply chain, distribution technology and logistics services solutions.

With facilities near Muritalt Mohammed international airport and Apapa sea port, Safexpress Global Solutions Limited services a wide array of clients, including national retailers, service organizations, manufacturers, catalog, internet and direct response marketers


  • Trucks & Trailers
  • Tyres

Safexpress Global Solution Limited is committed to deliver the best in Products and Services to its Customers. We Safexpress Global Solutions Limited has tied up with Chinese companies who supplies us trucks and better tires for our Nigerian road condition.

Trucks: We deliver used refurbished Trucks with low mileage based on pre booking system; we will accept payment in Naira. Delivery will be done within 60 days.

We deliver Sino Howo Tractor & Tippers to Nigerian Customers like 371 HP, 375 HP, 420 HP

Tyres: We provide A grade tyres to our clients in Nigeria based on pre booking system for trucks & Trailers only.

Sizes we provide 11R22.5, 12 R 22.5, 315 /18 R22.5




We offer an experience-driven, versatile business that works to find the best logistics solution for your requirement.


We are dedicated and work with passion and enthusiasm to deliver the best quality possible. Whether a challenge is large or small, we always strive to do.


We've developed a set of rules specific to our operations and sector, that reflect legislative requirements such as mandatory training.


We enjoy long-standing relationships with a wide range of manufacturing and industrial concerns, including leading players in FMCG trading & other sectors.

Who we are


Safexpress Global Solutions Limited is a leading end to end integrated supply chain and logistics solutions for both the public and private sector. We partner with our clients to understand your unique business challenges and will design an outsourced fleet solution tailored to your specific business requirements.

As Nigerian’s fast growing Logistics Company we have built Nigerian’s most extensive national network and supporting infrastructure. The advantages of this size and scale are available, with facilities in regional centers and major towns. Safexpress Global Solutions Limited delivers the same exceptional, value added service and support, wherever you are.